Invitation to National Night Out 2017

SAVE THE DATE! National Night Out Block Party! Tuesday, Oct. 3 is designated by the State of Texas for National Night Out. Its purpose is to bring our neighborhood together to develop awareness and familiarity with our city’s police and fire departments and city services, and to have fun meeting and visiting with neighbors. Come join everyone at 6pm-8pm at Cochran Park and Mission Street. We’re closing the block to relax, have hot dogs for all, a surprise dessert, chalk art, and … a bubble bounce! There may even be an appearance by some elves.

Cochran Heights Dilbeck Home Tour

Thank you for your interest in the Cochran Heights Home Tour featuring five Charles Dilbeck designed houses.
The houses on the tour are:
5103 Pershing St.
5215 Milam St.
5106 Milam St.
5040 Milam St.
5029 Milam St.

Advance ticket sales have now closed. Day-of the event tickets will be available for $20 on Sunday, starting at 12:45pm at the corner of Henderson and Willis, near Nick Brock Antiques. They also will be available at any of the homes on the tour from 2:00-4:00pm.

Cochran Heights in the 1940 Census

The National Archives released the 1940 census to the public on April 2, 2012, after a
mandatory 72 year waiting period. This was an exciting day for our neighborhood, as 1940 was
the first census taken after most of the homes in our neighborhood were built! Twenty-four
pages of census documents were released for Cochran Heights, and four will be included in
each of the upcoming newsletters until they have all been included.

The original records were handwritten, photographed and stored on microfile. The hand-
written copies you see here were scanned starting in 2009 from the original documents. We
have created a typed version of the records in an effort to make
them more legible. In all probability there are errors. If you notice an error, please email

Data collected from each household during the 1940 census includes:

  • Value of the home, or rent paid each month
  • The name, age, sex, educational attainment, place of birth and residence in 1935
    for each individual
  • Occupation, income, industry and average hours worked each week for each
    individual over the age of 14.

In the next newsletter we hope to have a detailed comparison of the Cochran Heights using
1940 and 2014 data. If you have suggestions or specific questions, please email

Census Bureau Comparison of National Demographics in 1940 and 2010
Original 1940 Census Documents for Cochran Heights
Typed Page 1A
Typed Page 1B
Typed Page 2A
Typed Page 2B

Philip Kingston Meet & Greet Report – 9/18/2013

Great attendance from the neighborhood. We had Judy Sullivan, Cleo & Shey Petricek, Meg Moschetto, Dee Grant, Piya & Ryan Kruger, and Cathy Birkelback attend. Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

1) Complete Streets – The full Knox/Henderson Complete Streets is not going to happen. There is bond money for the Henderson side though. The focus will be on making it more pedestrian friendly. They will be redoing the sidewalks on the henderson side, better lighting, and resurfacing of Henderson. He recommended that people with corner lots on Henderson should not redo their sidewalks if they are planning to in the near future, as it will be redone by the city. We asked how we can get status on the progress, and he admitted that this was an issue, and even he often doesn’t know the status.

2) We asked him about his major initiatives, and he listed the following: museum tower, comprehensive arts budget (no one person knows what the arts budget for Dallas is), Library improvements.

3) Philip knows about our neighborhood quite well and recognizes that we are very active. He did make a point to say that we are the only neighborhood that doesn’t “bug” him directly with our concerns. For thinks like road repairs (where the drains dug up the road), etc., take a picture and send it to his office. Thanks to Dee and Cleo, we have his email address: . Recommend emailing him and writing to his facebook page

4) Philip keeps his facebook page pretty up to date, so if you want to know what he’s up to, go there.